“The Y”: live in a place with all facilities under one roof. The Y is an urban way of life in a building complex with “City Studios” and “City Apartments”. Places to call home.


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City Apartments Specifics

  • Approx. 55m2
  • Turn key living or fully furnished
  • With extra bedroom
  • Fully finished and equipped with modern comforts
  • French doors and a small balcony
  • Kitchen including refrigerator and microwave
  • Bathroom equipped with sink, toilet and shower
  • Ideal “home base” for starting your career

From € 600,- / month

What Is Meant By The Service Costs?

Heating, water, electricity, high speed internet, television (approx. 70 channels), cleaning costs general spaces, caretaker and all the other things!

At present, it is not possible to register for a studio. There is a huge interest and we are currently processing all of the applications and allocating the studio’s.

The registration procedure will be resumed around the middle of April for the studio's that are still available at that time!

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