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What we have on offer

Residential complex The Y

The residential complex, called “The Y ‘,  is situated between the Hollands Spoor station and the ‘Haagse toren’, also referred to as ‘the iron’ due to its shape. The residential complex  consists of 455 self-containing residences, as good as new, each equipped with their own kitchen and bathroom. Besides the 455 residences, the complex features a rooftop terrace, a Young Professional Meeting Point, a laundry and a GreenWheels rental car, which is exclusively available to The Y residents. The Haagse Hogeschool, ROC (regional education center) Mondriaan and the Megastores Den Haag are at a stone’s throw away. The residences were built with the aim to provide students and Young Professionals with a good residence at a competing rental fee in a safe and pleasant environment.

In front of the complex there are many stores and restaurants. The city centre can be reached by bicycle in under ten minutes . This mins that it is possible to study, do some shopping, go to a party, take part in activities, play sports, and a lot more fun things besides, all in under ten minutes!

Information about the studio/apartments

The studios: Residence complex “The Y” contains 302 studios. The studios all are equipped with their own kitchen including equipment, and a bathroom with toilet. The total living area of the studios varies between 24 m2(258 sq. ft.) and 46 m2 (495 sq. ft). Only 1 person may live in each studio.

The apartments: Residence complex “The-Y” consists of 153 apartment units. The apartments all are equipped with their own kitchen including equipment, toilet and a bathroom. The total living area of the apartments varies between 45m2  (484 sq. ft.) and 75m(807 sq. ft.) a maximum of 2 persons may live in an apartment.