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Questions and answers

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Is it possible to terminate the rental agreement before it runs out?

Officially it is not possible to terminate the rental agreement before it runs out. In case you have a special reason for terminating the rental agreement, you can check with on-site management to see what can be done. The short-stay contracts can be cancelled monthly, within the duration of the contract, but a term of one month’s notice applies.

When should rent be paid?

Rent for each month must be paid in advance before the 1stof that month. 

Housing benefits?

See the header Housing benefits.

What are service charges?

Service charges are cost incurred for the managing of the complex. Service charges may include, among other things: Internet & tv subscription, cleaning of common areas, utilities, small maintenance (replacing lightbulbs in the common areas), glass insurance etc.

Which options are there for paying my rent?

Rent can be paid by bank card, internet banking, or direct debit. Paying the rent in cash is not possible.

What options are there to pay for the laundry?

At the laundry, the only option for payment is contactless payment (requires a bank card with integrated chip).

Does the rent always stay the same amount?

No, rent will be adjusted annually.

What is the notice period?

The notice period for the residence is one full calendar month after the day of cancellation, which can be any day of the month.