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Studios - 30m2

Information about the studio

Residence complex “The Y” contains 302 studios. The studios all are equipped with their own kitchen including equipment, and a bathroom with toilet. The total living area of the studios varies between 24 m2(258 sq. ft.) and 46 m(495 sq. ft). Only 1 person may live in each studio.

Rental fees

Rental fees for studios are between approximately 685 euros per month and approximately 775 euros per month. The following is included in the rental fees:

  • Basic rent;
  • Service charges;
  • Furniture rates;
  • The list of the furniture of the studios can be downloaded here. This way, you know what to expect.
  • The list of the non-furniture of the studios can be downloaded here. This way, you know what to expect.

Service charges: Service charges that are charged are costs that cover managing the complex. Components that are included are, for example: cleaning common areas, television and Internet subscriptions, cost for elevator maintenance, lighting common areas,  and utility costs (gas, water, electricity). The rental agreement specifies exactly which components you pay for. CAUTION: Service charges are advances, only. The advances will be compared annually with the actual costs incurred. The difference between the two figures will either be paid back or require extra payment.


  • Residences with a terrace.
  • Residences with a window-cleaning balcony.
  • Residences with a balcony.
  • Cabled Internet and TV hook-up are inclusive.
  • All essentials are included in the service charges (gas, water, electricity)
  • Partly furbished residences
  • Fully furnished residences.
    • All kitchen utensils (incl. electric kettle, coffee machine, microwave oven, tableware)
    • All cleaning utensils (incl. vacuum cleaner)
    • All utensils required for living comfortably (incl. TV, bed and couch, and wardrobe)
    • Curious about the complete inventory? (Check the inventory list Studio/Apartment here)
  • All residences are furnished by default:
    • Curtains
    • Flooring
    • Light fixtures
    • Kitchen with a hob, a microwave oven and a fridge with freezer compartment
    • Bathroom cabinet
    • Toilet roll holder
  • Short-stay option available:
    • A maximum stay of 6 months for dutch residents
    • A maximum stay of 12 months for international residents

Beware: short-stay really means short-stay. After completing the short-stay contract, it is not possible to extend or start a new contract within this complex.

Rental agreement

For the residences, various contracts have been drawn up.

It is important that you are registered with an educational institute, when applying for a studio. The rental agreements for these studios are, in fact, campus agreements. There are three different types of contract for the studios:

  1. A furnished campus contract;
  2. A non-furnished campus contract;
  3. A short-stay campus contract*.

The residences within this complex are linked to a specific type of rental agreement, so it is not possible to pick a certain type of agreement yourself.

* Residences that are on offer for a short-stay agreement always are fully furnished.

Why is residential complex The-Y the appropriate place for students?

Residential complex The Y is the ideal place, if you are looking for a very nice studio. You will not need to share the residence with anyone else, and have everything within reach. You get your own toilet, bathroom and kitchen. It is possible to study in the common areas, but also to relax in the lounge parts, or on the rooftop terrace. This way, it is possible to meet your fellow residents. The laundry ensures that you do not have to take all your laundry home with you when visiting your parents. Also, your residence stays neat and tidy, and you do not need to buy your own washing machine!

There are various types of contract available. The regular contracts for a longer term, or the short-stay contracts for the short term. Our contracts fit everyone’s wishes, this way.

You may also be eligible for ‘huurtoeslag’ (Housing benefit), which allows you to pay for the residence on your financial support for students living away from home. The Y is situated at an ideal location in the city. The centre of The Hague and the schools can be reached by bicycle in 15 minutes, at most. Finally, there are all kinds of facilities nearby to provide you with a pleasant environment to live in.